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Album Notes
“This is the first solo album of Brunilda Myftaraj. The CD’s title “NAKED” represents the degree to which the music recorded here leaves the Artist exposed, without any defense. She alone is responsible for each piece, they way it is formed, and the way the listener will receive it. She has undertaken the challenge of shaping the album’s works for herself, highlighting an emotional journey of the sequential progression of always-increasing harmonic, melodic, and expressive patterns. Each time she also gives us a satisfaction of resolution after building at first a strong musical drama. Her interpretations are pure, relying only on the genius of the composer’s score and naked purity of the artist’s ability to communicate it. She succeeds in creating a very memorable performance which is clear to understand and follow, The artist uses her exceptional technical abilities to tease our sensitivities and, at the end, fulfill our desires.”
Genre: Classical: Baroque
Release Date: 2014
Price: $15.99

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